Group Program

Heal Your Nervous System, Achieve Your Goals.

This 4-month program will teach you how to heal from the inside out - how to regulate your nervous system and clear what's blocking you, so that you can achieve your goals and change your life.

We'll reshape and reprogram your nervous system, so you can embrace all life has to offer from a place of authenticity.

Nervous System

Feel present and focused because you’ve learned how to regulate your nervous system.

Ego and Essence

Meet the truth of who you are on the deepest level and feel confident and powerful.

Shadow Work

Embrace all parts of you so you can show up authentically.

Somatic Mastery

Learn how to feel your emotions instead of suppressing them for true freedom.


Overcome the thoughts keeping you stuck so that you can achieve your goals.

Inner Child

Create safety so you feel worthy and deserving of everything you desire.

How it works

+ CONTENT - Each week you'll receive a new content related to your healing journey

+ COACHING - We will then meet on a group coaching call once per week where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized coaching from me.

+ SUPPORT - There are optional weekly office hours with other expert coaches to ask questions and practice using the tools you’ll get each week.

+ TOOLS - You’ll receive tools and integration exercises to help your transformation and to understand how to implement and integrate the work into everyday life.

+ COMMUNITY - For questions and celebrations between calls, there’s an online community page where you can ask your questions and receive support 24/7.

If you want the outside of your life to look different, you have to go inside. And, it all starts with your nervous system – the foundation of your healing

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