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Frequently Asked Questions

A therapist helps when you’re going in reverse – stuck in depression or anxiety and need support getting back to a neutral place. If you have a vision, or are working towards a goal, and feel stuck, a coach helps you move forward in a graceful and aligned way. Coaching is focused on alignment – clearing the past, so you can take action in the present and create a future of your dreams. My style of coaching is therapeutic and healing, but with a goal guiding it.

You can expect to gracefully and safely meet your goals – to be supported while you create a life that you’ve always imagined. We’ll do this by exploring your past fears and conditioning, and working together to regulate your nervous system and heal those wounds. Once you’ve cleared your blocks, you can show up whole in the present. You’re free to create what you want from life and not be tethered to outside sources like food, alcohol and relationships for safety.

Yes, my certifications are trauma-informed. And, I’m always learning. I take continuing education courses specific to trauma and nervous system regulation.

You heal from your past to create something new in the present. When you clear your past pains and trauma, you reprogram your nervous system, and relate to life from a place of safety and authenticity – you’re free to pursue your goals and step out of your comfort zone. It takes courage to heal. I’m here to support you on your journey.