Hey, I'm Natalie. I understand the power of healing firsthand. I know what it’s like to be stuck in the limitations of your past without even realizing it - and feeling like you have to work harder and still winding up in the same place.

When I learned how to regulate my nervous system, to meet my own needs and heal from my past, I stopped needing others and the world around me to be a certain way.

I awoke from my past fears and conditioning. I found safety and ultimate freedom by embracing all of me. 

As a past Olympic hopeful in the sport of equestrian, I shared my passion by coaching people of all ages towards their competitive goals. I also lived in Thailand for three years and developed a curriculum for the local schools.

My life experiences taught me two important lessons: first, a flexible, healthy nervous system is critical to the healing journey. Second, for people to thrive, their needs must be met – this allows them to feel safe and whole. 

Education & Certifications

University of Louisville, Bachelor of Science
Major in Psychology 
Minor in Wellness

University of Louisville
Head Research Assistant, Learning and Performance Lab

WellCoaches Certified
Mastery Coach Certified